Welcome to The Children's Closet

Welcome to The Children's Closet

Welcome to The Children's ClosetWelcome to The Children's ClosetWelcome to The Children's Closet

About Us

Our Mission

The Children's Closet believes in providing a wide variety of gently used children's items at a price you can afford.  All of the items that we carry are stylish, high quality items that look like they belong at a regular retailer.  You may even find never worn items on our racks.  You can expect to save 50% or more compared to shopping at your favorite retailer.

How it Works

1. Our customers bring in their gently used items by appointment.

2. We carefully select the items that are in mint condition.

3. We pay cash for those items.

4. You shop and save!

Our Goal is Happiness

It can be tough keeping little ones in clothes that fit. Our aim is to make getting dressed fun and exciting without breaking the bank. We know that a good outfit can make the whole day better. We hope that our clothing and baby essentials help start your day with a smile. 

What Our Customers Say

"This is a great store to buy kids clothing. They carry a good selection of new items, but their used selection is outstanding. I've never seen anything in this store that wasn't in excellent condition, but at used prices. It's also a great place to take the clothes your kids have grown out of.  The store is very well organized and well lit."

"All mothers know how fast little ones grow and they only get to wear some of those special outfits once or never at all. Well, here is a place that you can get some great clothes at a much lesser price so you won't mind them only wearing them once."

 "My husband and I go here all the time. The prices are great, they almost always buy back our stuff, more so than any other place in town. It is the best place to buy baby supplies. We've found they're the best deal around for diapers too."

"The staff is very warm and helpful, and their store is packed with quality used merchandise. Taking care of kids is expensive, so it's nice to have places like this to help keep those costs down! "

"This is a wonderful place to shop for anything baby or kid related. They have everything from clothes, toys, bedding, books, maternity clothes & more! The staff is wonderful and they make it very enjoyable to shop there. We all know how quickly kids grow & how much stuff they require, so why not purchase gently used & support small businesses. It's a win-win!"


"I live in NJ and always buy and also rent from them every time I visit Florida. Stuff is always in excellent condition for both purchases and rentals. Staff is always personable and helpful."


Contact Us

Open Monday thru Saturday 9-6

2826 Tamiami Trail #3b, Port Charlotte, FL 33952

(941) 743-0014

We're Here to Help!